Embracing Community and Building a Distinct Brand: Ray & Gary's Journey

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Ray and Gary, esteemed owners of a thriving business in the vibrant Wagga community, have always been deeply involved in the local scene. As we embarked on the design process, it became evident that incorporating their personal touch into the logo would be a key strategy. Collaboratively, we aimed to craft a brand that resonated with the residents of Wagga, making Ray and Gary's presence synonymous with exceptional service and community commitment.

Research and Foundation

During the extensive research stage, we delved into the dynamics of the Wagga market, discovering a bustling landscape comprising 48 hairdressers and barbers. Crafting a solid foundation for Ray and Gary's brand amidst this competitive environment was no small feat. Recognizing the need for differentiation, we strategically employed the vibrant orange, a deliberate choice that distinguished their brand and ensured its distinct visibility within the Wagga community.

Franchise-Ready Brand 

Our approach centred around creating a brand that exuded the essence of a franchise, enabling Ray and Gary to envision expansion and multiple store openings in the future. By focusing on scalability and a consistent visual identity, we laid the groundwork for their business to evolve seamlessly, reinforcing their aspirations to reach new horizons while maintaining the core values that defined their success.

Celebrating Success

At Cameron Gould Creative, we take immense pride in Ray and Gary's accomplishments over the past year. Witnessing their perpetual engagement and bustling business has been a testament to their unwavering dedication. It is our utmost pleasure to contribute to their journey, knowing that our collaborative efforts have played a significant role in their ongoing triumphs.


Ray and Gary's story is a shining example of the power of a strong brand and unwavering commitment to a community. Through thoughtful design and strategic decision-making, we have helped shape a unique business that continues to thrive. At Cameron Gould Creative, we remain committed to supporting Ray and Gary as they forge ahead, always ensuring their brand reflects the exceptional quality and service they provide.

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