"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

Albert Einstein

I'm here to provide value because there is no better feeling than seeing what I have created in assisting others to achieve their wildest desires.

I've put a lot of effort into developing the knowledge of understanding the business world, it was daunting when I started freelancing many years ago.

The links I provide below help you focus on all the hurdles I had within my own experience setting up a business; let's call it a marketing 101 introduction.

Suppose you started a business but still need a business plan. In that case, I know it all too well because I did it; the links below will help you formulate the foundations of one; it's more straightforward than you think once you have the right questions.

Believe me, if you put in the effort, I know it's worth your weight in gold.

So why do I provide these for free? When you start to see success, please remember me for all your business promotional needs. 

These links will help you formulate your ideas into a great start for a business plan & focus on the business personality & who your customers/clients are.

Business Forms 

For links to my questionnaires, they helped me formulate a very detailed business plan with a company with a personality That used to develop everything from advertising and the services I provide and to whom.

Please Note: You will need a Gmail account so that it will save your progress, please find link below.

Business Name Formulation Questionnaire:


Six Easy Steps to Defining a Strong Brand Identity:


Website Project Goals and Objectives Questionnaire:


Your Online Presence Starts Here.  

If you are starting your own business or need assistance with your online presence, the links below should be your first point of call. Google Business links your business and website to Google Maps and other Google online services such as Google Analytics & Google Search Console, which are absolutely vital to start getting traffic to your website.

Please note: When setting up a business gmail account, think of something that links your business with your name and keep it short and easy to spell, you don't want a lead to disappear just because they forgot your email address.

Also you don't have to setup a business gmail the free version of gmail will be sufficient for all of your  

Gmail account to sign up.


Google Business Signup


Technology to help run my business.  

I am all about making it as easy as possible for running my own business, I am constantly on the hunt and learning new skills.

The following links are all useful programs and application that help my run my own business.

Accounting & invoicing



Word Processing & Spreadsheets




Website Design & Management


Project Management