Changing your requirements for needing a logo & how a graphic designer thinks

Choosing a logo for your company is probably one of the most important things you will ever have to consider for your business, but don't worry because you have me to guide you through the process.

For more than a decade, I have been designing logos and, more importantly, learning the psychology of why people buy products and what can convince a potential customer to choose your company.

So I have created this read-through to help you try to think how I am thinking when I am designing your logo.

Kapeland Brewers Logo Design

I hope that by reading through this, I offer you—a new perspective of what you might be asking me to design.

There are a few factors that I can instantly put your company above most companies, and that is researching you & your industry.

By adding this simple process, I have positioned myself above most graphic designers & companies that offer logo design as a service. 

"I am a big believer that logos should have a personality; It's easy to see nowadays that companies that choose an online service to design a logo with really quick turnarounds will often turn out bland or unoriginal". 

What do you want your first impression to be to a potential customer or buyer?

Try to detach yourself from your company and think from the buyer's perspective. Try to think through your process for when you want to buy an item.

How do you decide how you buy a product?

Try to think of what you want to convey to your customers quickly; this will essentially be your focus for what you want the logo to do.

A great logo can do many things in a couple of seconds; here are a few examples; they don't have to do all of the following, usually just a select few:

  • The quality of your products or service
  • Showcase the personality of the company
  • Showcase what you are selling or your service
  • Positioning themselves toward a targeted audience

Signs & symbols, colours, font selection & design styles are the main factors; there are even, so much more but that's another can of worms.

Through learnt behaviour, We all have created a subconscious list of what things are related to, and as a graphic designer, I'm trying to use all these things in design daily.

In business psychology, you have just 4 seconds to convince a customer to leverage your business above another similar company.

If you are thinking of starting up your business, reach out. I can help with naming your company.

None of the businesses I have worked for offer this kind of approach to designing & I think it is a valuable, if not a vital, part of understanding who you are as a client and what you require.

Over the next few days, think about what I have spoken about here and try to consciously see yourself buying a product and ask yourself what factors you are making.  

I hope you got a heap for this article & I hope I help you make a meaningful connection with your customers.


Cameron Gould is a small business owner & inspiring entrepreneur with experience across the board in the advertising & creative art industry.

His passion for helping small business owners has resulted in him creating Cameron Gould Creative, where he can better utilise his complete skillset & experience.

Focused on business skills & creative problem-solving, Cameron Gould Creative is to service a unique & personal approach to designing.

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