Unleashing My Creative Journey: Embracing the Power of Finishing What You Start

What Changed My Perspective

Allow me to share a transformative lesson that has shaped my artistic path, inspired by the wisdom of one of my idols, 10 Hundred—an exceptional YouTube artist whose work has left an indelible mark on my creative expression. Through his incredible talent and insightful teachings, I discovered the profound significance of finishing what I started—a principle that has unlocked new levels of artistic growth and fulfilment.

As I embarked on my artistic journey, I, too, encountered the familiar struggle of finding motivation and maintaining a consistent creative flow. During this period, I stumbled upon 10 Hundred's enlightening perspective.

My art has changed significantly over the last three years, and I owe it to the following.

Break Free from Procrastination

Often, the hardest part is getting started. Overcome the tempting allure of procrastination by committing to dedicate just 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to artistic exploration. Let your hand move freely without getting caught up in pondering or overthinking what to create. Even if it starts as a simple doodle, you'll be amazed at the emerging ideas and the subsequent waves of inspiration. The key here is consistency—make it a daily habit to devote this precious time to your art and watch as your creativity flourishes like never before.

Create a Sacred Space

We all have those moments when the setup and cleanup process feels overwhelming, becoming an excuse to delay our artistic endeavours. To eliminate this obstacle, carve out a dedicated space exclusively for your art. It doesn't have to be extravagant or grandiose; what matters is that it's always ready and waiting for you. Whether it's a cozy corner in your room, a transformed garage, or even a tiny studio, having a designated area solely for your artistic pursuits removes the barriers to creating. With everything conveniently within reach, you'll find it easier to immerse yourself in the creative process and let your imagination soar.

Embrace the Power of Emotion

When the weight of not creating becomes overwhelming, it's time to channel those emotions into your art. Permit yourself to express what you're feeling without reservation. Consider your creative space your sacred sanctuary, where you can let the rawness flow without judgment. Remember, this cathartic exercise is meant for your eyes only—it's a powerful tool to vent and release. And when you're ready to move forward, allow those emotions to guide you toward uncharted artistic horizons, you may have never explored.

Embrace the Digital Frontier

If convenience and accessibility are top priorities for you, consider embracing the world of digital art. Investing in an iPad Pro and the Procreate app can revolutionize your creative process. Say goodbye to worries about setup or charging; with this dynamic duo, your digital canvas will always inspire you wherever you go. The portability and versatility of these tools break down the barriers of time and location, opening up a new realm of possibilities for your artistic expression.

The Daily Battle

As a professional relying on my creativity day in and day out, I know that some days can present formidable challenges. But remember, the more you show up and persist, the stronger you become. The creative well within us is vast, and consistent engagement with your art will yield bountiful rewards even during the dry spells. Trust in the process, and most importantly, trust in yourself. Within you lies an endless wellspring of creativity waiting to be unleashed.

As we navigate the struggles of being creative, let us embrace the power that resides within us. By implementing these strategies I've discovered along my journey, you will break through creative barriers and reignite the fire that fuels your passion. Remember, you are not alone in this artistic journey, although it might feel like this most days. Together, let's conquer the obstacles that stand in our way and unleash our creativity with genuine confidence. 

The world eagerly awaits the brilliance of your art.

Please share this with anyone that might enjoy reading this & Thank you for taking the time. I'm not one to be such an extrovert, so I would love to hear your thoughts.  

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Cameron Gould is a small business owner & inspiring entrepreneur with experience across the board in the advertising & creative art industry.

His passion for helping small business owners has resulted in him creating Cameron Gould Creative, where he can better utilise his complete skillset & experience.

Focused on business skills & creative problem-solving, Cameron Gould Creative is to service a unique & personal approach to designing.

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