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A successful logo should work in all environments as a social media profile icon & still work scaled up as a building sign & everything in between.

"A well-designed logo is a company's greatest asset, just think Apple & Nike"
Having all the skills & experience necessary to design your perfect logo:
  • It is essential to know the person behind your company.
  • I value all our clients; if you do well, I do well!   
  • Your logo needs to have a personality.
  • I love creating logos & have been designing them since 2008.
  • I believe in standing out from the masses. 
  • I have extensive experience in print design, signwriting & web design.

Understanding all environments in which you will be advertising is a crucial skill to hold and not all designer have the skills to do this, This is special for a reason.

"My unique process is why I started
Cameron Gould Creative"
Bathurst Observatory Logo
Barber Lounge Logo Design
CEG Design Logo
Kapeland Brewery Poster Design
Shumack Engineering Logo
Wickerd Logo
Things I consider when creating logos:
  • I want to know who you are. 
  • What you do & Why you do what you do.  
  • I look at who your competition is.
  • I research your whole industry (locally, nationally & internationally).
  • I find the best of the best your industry & find out why they are at the top.
  • I adapt ideas that have worked in the past, having over a decade of experience really does help
  • I Implement things I know that are great
  • I design as if your company has made millions in revenue, so you can.

This service is nothing like I have ever seen within the industry & has a unique design process that encourages the creation of a company brand:

  • That stands strong 
  • That is future-proof 
  • That can evolve over time. 

Here is the perfect place to get a well-designed, consistent logo that works across all touchpoints in which you do your business.

Our service is personal, professional & friendly; the value for money is beyond what you will ever find anywhere.

We are here to build up a small select group of clients whom we take on board and consider as our employers.

If you think I can help, Please START THE CONVERSATION >>>>>>

Our Community Commitment

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